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Inhale Wellness Wednesday

6:30 PM | Beach


6:30 PM - Restorative Yin Yoga

7:15 PM - Soundbath Meditation

7:30 PM - Olivia Sage Breathwork

8:30 PM - Ocean Integration


Restorative Yin Yoga Guided by Rikki K.

Join us for a transformative, candlelit Yin Yoga experience, a sanctuary for tranquility and restoration.

Engulfed in the gentle flicker of candlelight, this class invites you to embrace deep relaxation and rejuvenation, balancing the body, mind and spirit. 

Through slow, meditative postures held for extended periods, Yin Yoga aims to release tension, allowing for a profound physical and emotional transformation.

Each pose is an opportunity to unwind, stretch, and restore, guiding you into a state of peaceful bliss.

Lay back and enjoy a Soundbath Savasana for the final relaxation portion of the evening and absorb the sounds of the crystal bowls, gong, chimes and the fragrant scent essential oils.

The serene atmosphere, combined with the soothing ambiance of candlelight, creates an environment that encourages self-reflection, inner peace and a renewed sense of balance.

The intuitive and meditative nature of this experience is designed to enhance your sense of self and let go of stress, anxiety, depressive symptoms, trauma and anything your mind/body is holding onto. Calm the limbic brain and shift your reactivity into responsiveness, using movement, sound, essential oils, water and heat leaving you feeling joyfully content.

Olivia Sage Breathwork™️ Guided by Olivia Sage

All of your thoughts, emotions, and actions are driven by the old stories you carry in the subconscious. These stories affect every area of your life from romantic relationships, to your business, health, mindset and happiness in general, and make you feel powerless and stuck.

The technique created by Olivia Sage will help you rewire the old programming buried up in your subconscious mind, heal trauma imprints and create a powerful transformation from inside out, while creating space for everything you want to manifest in your life.


This experience is often more powerful than many years of therapy sessions and other modalities, resulting in releasing stuck energies, emotions, and trauma from the past.

Please bring:

- A water bottle

- A yoga mat

- Comfortable clothing to stretch in

- A bathing suit

- A towel


Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any question to and be sure to follow us @inhalemiami on Instagram to stay in touch.

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